Friday, 29 January 2010

The Road to Home

It's been such a long time since I have written anything here. I guess in a way that is a blessing, no bad news to report so little Jordy has been going well. Up until now that is.

I went away for the Xmas/New Year break and had a friend look after the boys while I was away. When I returned home she informed me that Jordy had been missing for three days but that he had come back and all was fine. He seemed fine too, although he was looking a lot skinnier. Apart from that he was normal, eating and sleeping with me. Still wanting his rubs and cuddles.

During this week however, he has taken to just being under the house all day, only coming out at night to have a mouthful of food and then going up to my spare room and sleeping here till morning, when he would cry to be let and and go under the house again for the day :(

I am more than sure now that the cancer has progressed and is well and truly in his system and although he doesn't appear to be in any physical pain ... I can tell that Jordy is not well at all. Now I have to make the decision. :( Why is this so hard to do? I have known this day would come for two years now. Knowing doesn't make it any easier :(

I will try to do updates here as soon as things happen, I know there will be people who read this with loving pets that will go thru the same situation and will appreciate knowing what Jordy and I went thru in regards to ending his beautiful life in a humane and dignified way.

I hope to god I can get him cremated somehow. :( I don't want to leave my little man behind when I leave here :(

I rang the Vet first thing this morning. She is busy until lunch time and is going to ring me back. I will have a good talk with her and discuss my options then. The vet is 60km away and at this stage ... taking Jordy there would be too stressful. I hope to god she can get over here today to see him.