Friday, 29 January 2010

He's Asleep Now

Jordy passed away in my arms today at 4.15pm. :(

I am so glad it was this way and not with the needle.

There was no one here except for he and I and my sweetheart Jen was with us the whole time via the phone. I am so glad I was able to comforted him as he went.

I can't write anything else right now :( I will do that when I can.


Vanessa Ho said...

My condolences to you Craig. :((( *hugs*
Love and miss you Jordy.. r.i.p sweet baby...

Maïa said...

It's hard not to cry when reading all of both of you went through...well it's impossible in my case.
I had to give my 1st cat the needle to stop her pain, it was a year ago now, and I know how hard it is.
My 2nd cat who is almost 8 years old now vomited blood a few days ago and I worried a lot until the vet saw him, made blood tests and that the results were ok.Your Jordy was a very brave cat and we know he's at the cats 'heaven now, the best place for him. I know it's gonna be hard for you, and one thing's sure, you'll never forget him, as I'll never forget Jazz. I have a kitten since 10 days now and sometimes I'm about to call her Jazz.But with time you'll remember the best times.I hope you find money and a place that will help you bring him back with you . I don't have money at all ( last time the vet costed me much more than I thought) oherwise I would have helped.*enormous hugs to you and him wherever he is*
my name on Flickr is Glow* (I posted a message on Jordy's photo)

perugina said...

Craig my heart goes out to you.
As awful as it is to say goodbye to each other and to have witnessed his pain.. i know that there was no other place you would have wanted to be.. right there by his side, holding him and comforting him.
I know your pain now - when a piece of you has been ripped from your heart.. this piece is with jordy now, have him take it, he carries this piece of you with him and will give it back to you when you are both reunited again.
You will never ever forget him and those of us who knew him through you and his specialness will never forget either.

Kitty Stampede said...

this story completely touched my heart and soul. my eyes fill up with tears for the love and pain you have experienced. what an amazing brave kitty.
his strong, beautiful trooper spirit will live on forever in your heart.

i know i'm late but i stumbled upon this through flickr.
take care...

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Questa said...

I'm so sorry ;_;

H. M. Bascom said...

Jordie is with the Universe now.

Nicole said...

I found this story through
When I saw that photo of Jordy, I didn't even think anything was wrong, in fact I thought it was winking. It saddens me that this beautiful cat which brightened my day and helped me smile on a really bad day has gone.


Chanelle said...

Hi Craig,
I just discover your blog. More a simple blog, a wonderful story for an unfair fight...
I don't know you, I don't know Jordy, but when I read your story, I can't refrain myself to cry.
It's hard to let go away someone we love so much, now Jordy is in peace probably. I hope it.
All my thoughts are for you and for the sweet Jordy, sincerely...
Keep your strenght for him (him, because you love him as a person, maybe more than a person)

Love Craing,
Sorry for my english, I'm french.

Geisslein said...

Such a sad post...Found your blog by a fluke. It is always so hard when we loose our "babys", my cat passed away 6 years ago because of cancer I can feel with you. Sending you a hug from cold rainy germany, geisslein

Geisslein said...
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Anonymous said...

RIP Jordy.

Syaza Nadiah said...

i read the first line, & tears came gushing from my eyes. i have 4 cats, & sometimes (most of the time, really) i'd like to think of them as being immortals, just to make me feel better.

my condolences to you & your soulmate.

R.I.P. Jordy. my prayers go to all of you.