Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Ta Daaaaaaaa :) :)

VBS :) Well .... it has been quite a while since I posted an update; mainly because I wanted to give Jordy a chance to heal so the new photos wouldn't be more of the same. His healing is coming along really well :) :) His fur still hasn't grown all the way back, but already it is covering the scar really well :)

And Jordy seems to be doing much better than he was before the operation ... he's much more smoochie (is that possible) and is eating more and is now staying much closer to the house during the day. He even now has a routine where he sleeps with me every night :) :)

We would both like to thank you all so much for following his progress and also for taking the time to look, comment and donate you time, love and money :) :) Remember that I will be donating ALL the profits from the sales of my work at Red Bubble towards the cost of the operation until that is paid in full ... and will continue to put the works sold and total made in the Jordy Fund :) :)