Saturday, 29 November 2008


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I have been a little up and down lately. My Ex Girlfriend has finally signed two Real Estate Agreements after having denied me two previously. I don't want to go on too much about how she has been behaving because there is still legal action pending in regards to fighting her for what is rightfully mine. Needless to say, after she left 4 years ago, she never put a single cent into this property (and I was the sole financial contributor while we were together) and yet she insists I give her a huge share of the profits from the sale of the houses. Not only that but will not pay any rates or insurances on the houses and still wants to see Real Estate agreements etc. She basically has me imprisoned here. I am just grateful at least now she has actually signed these latest two and I can now sell and hopefully move home and continue to fight her for what is rightfully mine.

Thursday saw me get yet another huge bill assosiated with this property. Once again I have forwarded the details to my solicitor and to the bussiness involved and asked that she pay half this bill considering she wants a share of the profits. It's only fair. Yet I know she won't and I simply fall further and further in debt having to pay for 100% of the expenses on this property. So with my head about to explode I took a long drive with Fudge and got some gorgeous sunset photos.

This one reminds me that no matter how chaotic and stressful things seem to be you only need to stop and look and you will always find peace and beauty around you if you want to allow that into your life. It lifted me so much. :)

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Friday, 21 November 2008

Thank you Ibah~ - Jordy's Card :)

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I would like to thank a new friend of mine Ibah~ from Flickr, for this beautiful gift to Jordy. :) VBS

She read Jordy’s Story here on my blog and wanted to share the love as much as she could and made this gorgeous card for him, signed by friends and fur kids alike :) :) Jordy loves it so much!!!

Thank you so much to Ibah and everyone else involved in making this loving card for Jordy :) :)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Strongest Man in the World

Well my little man seems to be recovering from his latest surgery pretty well. :) His fur is slowly growing back over his face and arm and the parts of Cancer they burned off have scabbed up pretty well and should heal soon. When I first got him home I kept him inside for a few days. We went out together at night so he could go to the toilet privately (giggle) and have a little sniff around etc :) He really hates being locked up inside and I hate taking that freedom from him, even though I worry about him so much and would rather have him inside with me all the time. He just seems to get a little depressed being locked up and I would rather the last few months of his life to be spent happy and carefree :)

He finished a course of anti-biotic tablets on Wednesday, so all he has to take from now on is some pain killer and anti inflammatory drops in his food and eye drops twice a day. He hates the eye drops the most, but I think he also understands he needs to have them. I always cuddle him so close after I give those and tell him how much I love him. I can't believe the strength he has. He is such a brave and humble kitty! I am so proud of him for all he has suffered and gone thru. I just wish now we could have cured him, but I know he has had a wonderful life and he has given me so much happiness and so many beautiful memories. It's going to be very hard to say goodbye to him :(

I would like to thank Ibah so much for her support with helping to get the Jordy Story out there and also recently for the wonderful Card she has made for people to sign and send their love and wishes to Jordy. It is really appreciated so much!! {{{{{{hug}}}}}

If you would like to see how the Jordy Fund is going click HERE and have a look at all the wonderful support Jordy and I have received. If you would like to also support Jordy you can purchase anything I have for offer on my Red Bubble site from T-shirts and Calendars to Framed Prints and Cards.

Thank you all so very much!!!!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Jordy The T-Shirt :)

Another Tee for those who have followed the Jordy Story and would like to have something they can wear proudly in support of him and myself :) :) If you would like to see how the Jordy Fund is doing click HERE

This Tee was lovingly designed and offered to me to go towards the Jordy Fund by my Angel TBO. Here is what she has to say about it :) :)

Jordy is the biggest cat and loudest purrer I have ever seen/heard! He is also loved dearly by so many. He is loved so much he’s like everyone’s favourite teddy bear from our childhood. He’s a tough kitty in every sense of the word!

The reason why i wanted to do this b/c i think its important to give. I do this without my TBO logo, this is not about me, but about Craig and Jordy, both whom I love so much. If two people can work together and get a message out there, then its twice as powerful. So if you’re a fan of TBO or a fan of Craig and Jordy’s – or even both (oh you!) then buy this tee and show your support!

Thank you so much Princess … we love you so much!!! XXX

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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Jordy Update (Wed 5th Nov 2008)

Well I was meant to take Jordy to the Vet (who was visiting town today) but I ended up rushing him into the Vet 45mins away yesterday after a sleepless night with him on Monday. I have him home with me again, he stayed in there over night because he had eaten Monday morning and they didn’t want to put him under on the day because of that. Sunday night while I was petting him in the quiet in bed, I could hear strange noises coming from his head. At first I thought it was the sound of static, but it wasn’t making the noise when I stroked his back, so I listened closer and a huge fear struck me. It sounded as if the skin on his head was dead and was crinkling as I petted him. I panicked!!! I thought that the Operation months ago had failed and that the blood supply to his skin there had stopped and I also linked the blood from his eye to that.

The vet assured me that his skin was fine. She suggested it might have been trapped air under the skin. Although she explained something to me that I didn’t understand before now properly….. Jordy isn’t cured of cancer. :( As a matter of fact it is just going to get worse for him and what I am doing is just prolonging his life (and therefore maybe also … his pain) :( The cancer he has on his eyelid is not curable … just treatable. I can keep taking him to have bits and pieces of it frozen off … but it will get worse and worse and his pain will continue to get worse also. I am not sure now if I should be continuing to keep the treatment up or not :( This visit alone cost me just under $400. It’s money I don’t have as I am still paying off his Operation, with the help and support and love of those who have contributed to the Jordy fund thus far.

Sadly now I (and all of you who have followed his story) will need to figure out when the time has come to let Jordy be free. It’s not something I want to think about right now, but it is something that will happen in the next few months and this is so hard for me right now. I would like to thank you all for your compassion and love, following Jordy's story and letting him into your hearts. I know my love for Jordy is shared by so many of you and it helps so much. I am so sorry this update isn’t as happy as I would have liked it to have been. He is still here and he is happy and comfortable. And I love him VERY much … we all do!!!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sweet Dreams

Jordy hasn't seemed to be himself much lately. He has taken to going up to my room and sleeping under the bed by himself which is very unlike him. His eye has been bleeding on and off since I got him back. About every week or so it lets go of a lot of blood so I am hoping it isn't another tumor in behind his eye.

Hopefully it is just an infected third eye-lid which I will be able to have removed. I haven't had the money to drive him the hour to the Vet plus pay for the bill sadly. But I found out they come here to town once a month and so have booked him in to see them on Wed 5th Nov.

They said they can't do a lot but will have a look at him and at least we will know if this is serious or not. Fingers crossed it's nothing to worry about. I hate to think my little boy is in pain and isn't telling me. He is so strong and I love him so much!!!