Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sweet Dreams

Jordy hasn't seemed to be himself much lately. He has taken to going up to my room and sleeping under the bed by himself which is very unlike him. His eye has been bleeding on and off since I got him back. About every week or so it lets go of a lot of blood so I am hoping it isn't another tumor in behind his eye.

Hopefully it is just an infected third eye-lid which I will be able to have removed. I haven't had the money to drive him the hour to the Vet plus pay for the bill sadly. But I found out they come here to town once a month and so have booked him in to see them on Wed 5th Nov.

They said they can't do a lot but will have a look at him and at least we will know if this is serious or not. Fingers crossed it's nothing to worry about. I hate to think my little boy is in pain and isn't telling me. He is so strong and I love him so much!!!