Saturday, 29 November 2008


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I have been a little up and down lately. My Ex Girlfriend has finally signed two Real Estate Agreements after having denied me two previously. I don't want to go on too much about how she has been behaving because there is still legal action pending in regards to fighting her for what is rightfully mine. Needless to say, after she left 4 years ago, she never put a single cent into this property (and I was the sole financial contributor while we were together) and yet she insists I give her a huge share of the profits from the sale of the houses. Not only that but will not pay any rates or insurances on the houses and still wants to see Real Estate agreements etc. She basically has me imprisoned here. I am just grateful at least now she has actually signed these latest two and I can now sell and hopefully move home and continue to fight her for what is rightfully mine.

Thursday saw me get yet another huge bill assosiated with this property. Once again I have forwarded the details to my solicitor and to the bussiness involved and asked that she pay half this bill considering she wants a share of the profits. It's only fair. Yet I know she won't and I simply fall further and further in debt having to pay for 100% of the expenses on this property. So with my head about to explode I took a long drive with Fudge and got some gorgeous sunset photos.

This one reminds me that no matter how chaotic and stressful things seem to be you only need to stop and look and you will always find peace and beauty around you if you want to allow that into your life. It lifted me so much. :)

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jeannette said...

I must say Craig.....thank goodness you did not marry her ;) With all that is going on with Jordy, you have to deal with You are a wonderful guy, with a great talent. Jeannette

Craig Shillington said...

Oh I am so glad we never married!! And even more glad we never had children (she was pushing for that and I wonder if that was a part of her overall plan now!!) It's not so much that I am having to deal with her ... more that she does nothing yet holds her hand out. Or that when I get a chance to move forward, she'll close that door for me. I actually sold up (and had signed the paperwork along with the buyers) two years ago ... but she wouldn't sign. So she keeps me here time and time again. She can't let go.

jeannette said...

Sorry to see that Jordy is not feeling very well. Please give him a hug and kiss from me. Maybe a little "catnip" might make him feel.....GOOD!!!!;) Your friend, Jeannette