Friday, 29 January 2010

Getting Worse


Okay things have got really bad here :( I rang the Vet this morning at 9am and was told she would ring me back at lunch because she was busy with consultations. So far today Jordy has had three painful breathing attacks! I can only assume the cancer is in his lungs. I know now that he is in pain and all I want is to make it that the pain is gone for him forever!!

So at 2pm with him having an attack, I rang the Vet back to ask what was going on. She wasn't even there!! She had gone through my town on her way to another town 30 mins down the road!!! WTF!! I ask the girl on the phone if she could get someone else to come and administer the needle for Jordy and she said the best they could do would be for me to bring him there (45min drive) in the morning!! What the hell is up with Western Australia!! I swear that nothing here is done in a professional way! No ... I said ... I can't possibly bring him there tomorrow because he is in terrible pain NOW ... and the trip would stress him out to much :( She puts me on hold :( Comes back and says ... the vet will come by on her way back home ... but she hasn't got a Nurse and cats usually struggle a lot so it wouldn't be nice. I said ... I don't care that giving him a needle might not be nice. I would rather that than have to see him in pain!!

So the vet will be here at around 5.30 - 6.00 tonight. I hope that Jordy can get lots of sleep between now and then and doesn't have to suffer any more. I can't stand to see him in pain.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to send you a message before I went to sleep.

I hope that everything went alright and that Jordy and you are doing good.

Keep me upto date, I'm worried about you.


Craig Shillington said...

Thank you so much Cella ... that means a lot to me! I have decided that it's Jordy's time. He can't be allowed to be in the pain I have seen him in today. I just wished that there were more and closer vets so that situations like this didn't need to be drawn out.

I will keep posting tonight. I might pop on SL later quickly and leave you some messages. But check here ... this is where I will be putting stuff.

I am going to bury him in my chook yard ... next to the Water Tank he used to so love laying on. :) :) :)