Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Jordy Fund at Red Bubble

Well most of you would know I received some bad news about Jordy last week. If you haven’t read about it, you can here

My Vet also suggested she could give me a referral the the Murdoch University Cancer Care unit for Animals in Perth, if I wanted to see what sort or treatment etc was available for Jordy if I wanted to go down that road as well. I couldn’t not use the referral and have Jordy get worse and put to sleep soon … and always wonder if maybe I could have done more to help. I am sooooooo glad I took him to Perth today!!! I left him there for an hour while the surgeons looked over him and they gave me three options.

  1. Leave him be to let the cancer spread to his lungs shortly and just give him a good quality of life until such time that the pain was too much and have him put to sleep (this option was the only hope the Vet had given me!!!)
  2. Scrape his tumor and do a course of Chemo to shrink and slow the growth and spread … and monitor him with subsequent checkups and then give him a few extra months before having to make the decision.
  3. Remove his eye and the surrounding tissue, check the nasal cavity and use skin from his head to patch the eye and he would almost certainly be free of the cancer (if it hasn’t spread yet) and could live another 2 years or more until he died of old age.

So I am opting for number three of the above … but this is where I want to ask you all a big favour.

The operation is going to cost me $3000, money I don’t have right now. The operation also needs to be done as soon as possible!!! The longer it is left, the more likely the cancer has spread and the chances of this operation working become less.

What I want to ask you all (beg even) is that you support me in giving Jordy the chance to live and die in a few years of natural causes, rather than in about three months if I do nothing … buy buying my work here at Red Bubble. For every cent of Profit I make from today I will be putting in a Fund especially for Jordy’s Operation and I will start a new Journal Entry at Red Bubble called The Jordy Fund where on request, I will paste the product bought, who bought it and how much profit (with a running total) has gone towards Jordy’s Operation. Normally I would save and plan when I needed money for something, but this is very important for me to do ASAP and so your help would be greatly appreciated. And it doesn’t matter if you just buy a card … or a Full sized Framed Print. It ALL means something to me. I appreciate your help so much and so does Jordy.