Saturday, 13 September 2008

Love Is Blind - Painted :)

I received the most beautiful gift from my sweet Soulmate for my 41st Birthday this year. She surprised me by doing this gorgeous painting of Jordy and sent it to me in the mail. :) Needless to say when I opened that package from her and saw this I cried my eyes out!!

Jen, I love you so much darling and you have no idea how much I love to hold you!! I feel your love so much everyday and in so many ways :) Thank you so much Darling for bringing me to believe again!! xoxo

You can see more of Jen's wonderful creative work (and maybe even buy some acrylic on Cardboard just like this) by going to her site here. :) VBS


Muse said...

how is jordy? I didn't see an update on redbubble so I checked here. (I'm smvgrey over there) Btw how old is jordy, i was curious what your vets version of old age is given some cats live into their 20's.

Jordy is so lucky to have a compassionate family willing to care for him, so many people wouldn't unfortunately. It takes a lot to care for a special needs animal. And of course yo'uve been lucky as well to what jordy has given you. :) That is lasting. My last cat I had for 18 years and it was devistating to lose her, i don't care what anyone says these cats can bring so much love and life into a home and do change you.

Craig Shillington said...

Hi Muse :)

I don't know that Jordy is so well at the moment. He has been very quiet and sleeping under my bed a lot, which is not like him. He likes to be outside. His eye bleeds from time to time. It's a worry, but I have an appointment with the Vet who comes here once a month ... to have a look at him and we'll see what they think.

Jordy is about 14 years old. Basil my other cat is over 18!!

I have to tell you, I think I am more lucky to have had Jordy in my life! There is something so very special about Jordy (to me) We have a really special bond. I have never felt it with any other cats I have had. Not to say I don't bond with others ... Jordy is just so different. Maybe because he got cancer so young and fought so hard? I dunno. But it's nice :)

You are so right too. Cat's really LOVE and you can feel it and I can't stand people who say *It's just a cat* Grrrr. They are little fur people. My boys are my kids!! And I mean that literally. They are my family and my life and they bring so much joy and love to me :)