Saturday, 5 April 2008

My Alien is Home :) :)

Well ... he is finally home :) My little baby man!! It was the biggest day yesterday and I will never forget when the Nurse and Dr walked me into the consultation room and I saw him in his little cage. So raw ... so stitched ... but he saw me with his single eye ... and meowed!! I nearly cried!! Jordy I have been so worried about you. God I missed you matie!!! Straight away I let my fingers weave between the mesh at the front of the cage ... and straight away he rubbed my fingers .... like only he knows how to do. :) :)

The Dr started to explain to me exactly what they had done ... and how I should now care for him. Thankfully they had a written sheet made up for me, because his words seemed garbled and no matter how much I tried to listen and look at the Dr ... my eyes kept being drawn back to Jordy in his tiny cage, wanting out so he could give Dad a damn good cuddle.

So we both looked at each other while the Dr said his stuff ... I thanked him and the Nurse and made my way back to the car with him. For the last 4 days Jordy has been spoiled rotten by being in a much larger cage ... with his collar on and being so confined now in his smaller pet cage he was very anxious to just be out. I reached over again and put my fingers thru the mesh and started tickling his neck ... he started weeing .... *Good boy Jordy ... I don't care matie, let it all out. The towel will soak it up and we'll be home in 2 hrs anyway.*

He and I slept together alone last night. Fudge was not happy. Needless to say, apart from the wounds from surgery and the cumbersome collar ... Jordy was being his usual self (which meant waking Dad every hour for rubs). I didn't get a lot of sleep ... but I was so happy :)

Okay ... so for the next 2 weeks Jordy has to be kept confined in a room by himself. It was going to be my bedroom, but after last night, I think the spare room would be a better option. ;) The stitches will be taken out after two weeks and then we can remove his collar. :) I bet he can't wait for that. :) I fed him last night ... to do so I needed to remove his collar which was fine while he was eating, but boy do I need to keep an eye on him. Without warning he will start scratching at his stitches, so I needed to find an easier way for him to eat and drink (and so he can have food and water while I am at work) without taking his collar off. Thanks to Jen (TBO) we figured out a way :) Two One Litre Milk Cartons cut down the middle so he can get his face in there without the collar getting in the way.

So now it's just a matter of letting the tissue heal and waiting for the two weeks to have the stitches taken out. We aren't out of the woods yet. There are still a few things that could go wrong (like the flap of skin not getting enough blood supply and dying etc) but as far as things look right now he is 100% :)

Thank you so much to everyone for your well wishes and you donations towards the Jordy Fund. :) Until these bills have been paid fully ... I will be donating 100% of all the profits I make in Red Bubble towards that Jordy fund. So if you buy something of mine ... I will be putting your purchase and Profit on the Jordy Fund Page.

His ears were removed 10 years ago from skin cancer ... this time he had his right eye removed. His lip and nose look pulled in the photos (they are from stretching the skin to cover his eye socket) but over time that will relax and will cover with fur and will hardly be noticeable :) He doesn't look the best ... but I am just happy that he has had the cancer removed ... and to be honest with you ... I think he is going to look just as handsome ... if not MORE so with only one eye and no ears :) :)