Saturday, 2 February 2008


Hi All :) :)

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my new Blog :) This is the first time I have really ventured into doing a blog and I have a LOT of dreams and aspirations for this. :)

First off ... I would like to Gratefully Thank Jen (TBO) for all her help in getting me started in here. :) She spent a lot of her own time sorting me out and showing me how to do stuff. As a matter of fact I would say 99% of this is her work at the moment!! So Jen ... you are an Angel and I sincerely appreciate all your help :) {{{{{{hug}}}}}}

The main purpose of this blog is to have a central point for me to show off my photography and Poety/Lyrics and any other work I want to share with others. I will have links to items I have for sale, which can be bought through Red Bubble and I hopefully will be showing how I do a lot of the work I do on my photography. Also I think I will make this blog a place where you can come and get to know the artist a little better. My head is so full of ideas at the moment and I really don't know where to start, but I am slowly getting them out and down in this blog, so keep checking back and see how far I have come :)


Darren Sharp said...

Mate looks great well done with this fantastic!!!!

CathieT said...

Hey ...

Nice work Craig!

That Jen's an angel .. helped me with my bloggy thingy too!!


Craig Shillington said...

Thank you so much Darren :) Appreciate that mate :)

She IS an angel eh Cathie :) She really REALLY is :) :) VBS